September 10, 2019

Slope Stability

The degradation of the soil and the subsequent slope instability has become an increasingly important topic due also to climate changes and the ever-increasing anthropization of the land. In particular, Italy is one of the european countries most affected by slope instability counting 620,808 landslides covering about 23700 km2 equal to 7.9% of the national territory (ISPRA, 2018).

The management of unstable slopes therefore requires up-to-date specialized and multidisciplinary skills. Geosolving is able to apply these competences to the study of any type of instability phenomena (earth and rock slides, debris flows, deep-seated gravitational slope deformations – DSGSD, rock falls, complex and composite landslides), on all scales, as well as on quarry fronts and engineered slopes.

The main services provided are:

  • Detailed geomorphological slopes studies;
  • Simplified slope stability analysis using limit equilibrium methods;
  • 2D and 3D advanced stability analysis with FEM, FDM and DEM numerical methods;
  • Propagation analysis (runout) using hybrid FDEM numerical methods;
  • Rockfall trajectory analysis;
  • Hazard and risk analysis;
  • Design, installation and management of monitoring and early warning systems;
  • Analysis and interpretation of monitoring data;
  • Design and support in the execution phases of slopes stabilization works.