Management of an unstable slope along a motorway

Geosolving was commissioned by Autostrade per l’Italia to study the possible effects of a landslide on the A16 Napoli-Canosa di Puglia motorway. The landslide is located above one of the most important motorway tunnel. The work includes a geological and geotechnical study with on-site and laboratory investigations, the numerical assessment of the slope stability conditions and the arrangment of Read more about Management of an unstable slope along a motorway[…]

Study and modeling of a landslide interacting with a roadway bridge

Landslides affecting civil infrastructures such as roadways and railways are widespread in Italy. In this field Geosolving is engaged in the numerical modeling of a large landslide interacting with the Rio Bavera bridge in the Maritime Alps. The study is aimed at identifying the best solution to keep the infrastructure safe for the road traffic.