August 30, 2016

Numerical modelling

We use advanced numerical modelling to analyze and predict the behaviour of geomaterials, the ground behaviour during tunneling, the stability of slopes, the retaining walls and support structures dimensioning.  2D and 3D continuum methods (FEM, FDM), discontinuum methods (DEM) and combined finite-discrete methods (FDEM) are in turn adopted depending on the issues to be dealt with. For instance thanks to the FDEM modeling it is possible to study the evolution of rock slopes from triggering to the subsequent runout. An example of a successful application is described in the recent paper published on the International Journal of Geomechanics, by Dr. Francesco Antolini and Prof. Marco Barla.

In particular our staff is expert in the use of Itasca software (Flac, Flac3D, Udec, 3DEC, PFC), Rocscience software (RS2, RS3) and DHI software (Feflow).

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