September 11, 2019

Tunnels and Underground Constructions

The ever-increasing land consumption and the reclamations of new safe spaces for buildings and infrastructures is generating an increasing demand for underground spaces in large urban areas.

In this topic Geosolving has a documented experience gained through the cutting edge research carried out by the team members at the Politecnico di Torino.

Our Company provides the following services:

  • Short and long term tunnels analysis using advanced 2D and 3D numerical methods (FEM and FDM);
  • Advanced numerical analysis (FEM and FDM) for TBM dimensioning;
  • Support for the selection of the most cost-effective excavation method;
  • Design of tunnel’s first phase support systems and final lining;
  • Analysis of excavation in rock masses characterized by a squeezing, swelling and brittle behavior;
  • Calculation of surface settlements induced by the excavations;
  • Geomechanical survey and monitoring of the excavation faces;
  • Assistance in the design of geognostic surveys on the excavation face;
  • Consultancy for the resolution of unexpected problems;
  • Microtunneling/pipe jacking: calculation of the thrust force required for the advancement of the cutting head.